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About 50.000 bikes are reported stolen every year, which is 8% of the total amount of bikes. But probably only about 30% of the people report a stolen bike in Amsterdam. 6 out of 10 people who live in Amsterdam have a bike parked in the centre which they don’t use.

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I called it in and they were not terribly interested, but are supposed to get back to me because there is surveillance. I do have the bike's serial number and many.

10 questions about the Dutch and their bikes | The. –  · How many get stolen? Not everyone reports a stolen bike but according to the Telegraaf, 450,000 bikes were officially nicked last year. Research from the national statistics office CBS suggests only one in three bike thefts is reported – so it could be those new bikes we buy every year just about replace the stolen ones.

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The official number of stolen bikes per year in Amsterdam hovers around the 8.000 mark. That number is based on the number of police reports. That number .

 · With so many bikes around it’s not surprising to note that bike theft in Amsterdam is rampant – over 200 bikes a day are stolen. You may be approached by a dodgy stranger on the street offering to sell you a bike for 5 or 10 – don’t think about it as these are stolen and you risk a fine as well as perpetuating this criminal activity.

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With nearly 400,000 bicycles stolen each year, it turns out you need more than just a good lock to stay safe.

While cycling is incredibly fun, it does have its risks and one of those risks is theft. Too often, costly and much-loved bicycles are stolen out of.

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 · Bike theft in Amsterdam Bike theft is a fact of life in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Police and the Cyclists’ Union estimate that each year between 50.000 and 80.000 bikes are stolen. 1 mind you: 58 percent of bicycles are stolen from in front of someone’s own house, and most bikes thefts take place during the daytime.